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Ready to Be a Sustainable Traveler? Here’s the First Step

Ready to be a Sustainable Traveler? Here’s the First Step Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on reddit Share on email Sam April 21, 2019 When you first look into becoming a more sustainable traveler, or living a sustainable lifestyle, the information you

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Bamboo and Backpacks Eco Travel Chats

Our Interview on Sustainable Travel with Bamboo and Backpacks

This summer we had in the incredible honor of doing a video interview all about sustainable travel with Caleb and Linda from Bamboo and Backpacks. We cherish the opportunity to have conversations with like-minded travelers. Amazing ideas, inspirational stories, and lots of laughs always come from these conversations and it was no different with Caleb and Linda!

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Is Instagram Really to Blame for Overtourism

The rise in over-tourism has coincided with the rise in popularity of Instagram. Are the two related? We explore this topic alongside other leaders in the field of sustainable tourism. This article was originally posted on

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gemtrack slow travel plan

A Customized Slow Travel Plan Will Transform the Way You Travel

Stop using Lonely Planet to plan your travel! Escape the tourist crowds and reduce your impact on over tourism! A custom made slow travel plan from Gemtrack is a personalized insider’s guide to hidden gems and authentic local experiences! If you are traveling to Bali, Lombok, Sri Lanka, or Goa; let Gemtrack craft a unique slow travel itinerary just for you! It’s catered to your likes and interests and will take you to hidden gems you would never find otherwise! We spent three weeks in Lombok on a slow travel plan and the most unforgettable trip of our lives! Find out why a slow travel plan will transform the way you travel!

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eco-friendly travel products splash box

Why Every Backpacker Needs a Splash Box

Splash Box is the perfect eco-friendly travel product for the sustainably-minded backpacker. It’s lightweight, leakproof and plastic free! We recently got one from Plastic Free Hong Kong and absolutely love it! Find out why Splash Box is an absolute sustainable travel essential!

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interview with Green Queen Hong Kong

What We Learned From Hong Kong’s Green Queen

Talking Sustainability With the Green Queen of Hong Kong By: Sam Quackenbush  •  Last Updated – 11/18/2018 Share on facebook Share on google Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on reddit Share on email Photo credit: Alan Pang Earlier this year we traveled to Hong Kong to sit down

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ditching plastic in china

Breaking Up With Plastic in China

Alright, so there are some places where it’s totally easy to avoid using plastic…. And then there’s China. From coffee to fruit, EVERYTHING comes in plastic. Ditching plastic in China can be frustrating at times, but it’s totally doable! Here’s our top tips for breaking up with single-use plastic in China.

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one-day ayutthaya itinerary Wat Worachettharam

Ayutthaya One-Day Bicycle Route

Ayutthaya makes for a great stopover on your way to Chiang Mai, or as a day-trip from Bangkok. The area is littered with ancient temples and ruins just begging to be explored. The best part? They are all easily accessible by bicycle. We recommend staying for a few days, but if you’re short on time this itinerary will take you to all of the best spots in Ayutthaya in a single day.

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10 Sustainable Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is often a time of increased consumerism and waste, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Environmental consciousness is on the rise and it is easier than ever to find gifts that recyclable, biodegradable, or waste free. Check out our list of 10 Christmas gifts that friends and family are sure to love, and the Planet will thank you for as well.

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