fuzhou at night

Life in China

Life in China is like nowhere else on Earth. There is such a unique blend of old and new here. Ancient history and culture meshing with the push towards modernization. In one second you can be surrounded by towering skyscrapers, but take a turn down an alley and it can feel as if you are stepping hundreds of years into the past. We have lived here for almost two years and have barely scratched the surface!

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taoist temple at shizhu mountain china

Exploring Shizhu Mountain

Just a short train ride south of Fuzhou lies Shizhu Mountain. High on the mountainside rests a temple carved into the cliff itself. The temple is one of the epicenters of the Taoist religion and is the spiritual center point for many people in South China.

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rice terraces in fujian province china

Seeking Spontaneity in Rural China

I sometimes suffer from over-analysis when it comes to travel. I tend to plan every minute detail because I want everything to be perfect. This strategy doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity, which is often the best part of traveling. To buck this trend, we set off in search of rice terraces with little more than some bottles of wine. The ensuing weekend was amazing.

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