Why Every Backpacker Needs a Splash Box

eco-friendly travel products splash box

-This is a sponsored post by Plastic Free Hong Kong. We promise to always give our honest opinions about products we promote and would never endorse a product we haven’t used or don’t 100% believe in. 

Alright, so every backpacker has their list of essential items that they can’t hit the road without.  Maybe it’s your camera, kindle, favorite hoodie, or those Alibaba pants you got on your first trip to Thailand.  Some things suffice it to say, gotta go.  As sustainable travelers, we have our own list of eco-friendly travel products that we never leave home without.  Insulated water bottle, check.  Bamboo cutlery kit, check.  Metal straw, check check. We take these on every trip whether it’s a weekend getaway or a 6-month excursion.  Our packs can get pretty heavy when loaded up with all this environment protecting goodness.  We don’t take bringing more stuff lightly (no pun intended).  However, we were recently introduced to the Splash Box; a leak-proof food container, and went NUTS for it! The Splash Box has quickly become one of our favorite eco-friendly travel products.

We hadn’t heard of splash box before meeting Lisa, owner of Plastic Free Hong Kong. Plastic Free HK is an online store selling all kinds of sustainable products to help you transition towards a more zero-waste lifestyle.  We have a hard time finding zero-waste products in China so Lisa is our go-to whenever we’re looking to make a sustainable swap. Over the last year, we’ve watched Plastic Free HK grow into our favorite online retailer for all our little eco-purchases. And the best part- she can now ship plastic free worldwide!

  Splash Box is one of her favorite zero-waste items on the site right now.  She was telling us how she uses them for her daily life and we immediately noticed how useful it would be to backpackers.  We wouldn’t shut up about it and Lisa was kind enough to give us one to test out.

We recently took it on a weekend getaway and can’t get over how handy it is!  It’s lightweight, leak-proof, and can comfortably hold a meal or snacks.  We used it multiple times a day and now it comes along on every trip. 

eco-friendly travel products splash box

Here’s why once you add a Splash Box to your packing list, it will become one of your favorite eco-friendly travel products:

It’s Plastic-free!

It’s no secret now that plastic pollution is devastating beautiful travel destinations all over the world.  No one likes to see a beach littered with trash, its gross! Not to mention the damage it does to marine ecosystems.

When you’re backpacking, a large portion of the plastic waste you’ll generate is from eating out. There is a vibrant street food culture in SE Asia.  It’s one of the best parts about backpacking in this part of the world.  Some of the best food comes from stalls and carts on the side of the road.  This style of food is typically served in either plastic or Styrofoam containers.  Those flimsy to-go containers start to add up over the course of a trip and usually can’t be recycled.  You can easily avoid all of that unnecessary packaging with a Splash Box!  It’s made of stainless steel and will easily fit in your bag (it even fits in my water bottle sleeve).  Pull it out whenever you get food and give single-use packaging a miss.

 It’s Leak-proof

The most unique feature of a Splash Box container has got to be the leak-proof lid.  The silicone top has an inner groove that locks on to make a water-tight seal.  The lid on the Splash Box is a serious lifesaver.  I’ve had to wash my pack several times after the contents of my old bento box leaked greasy noodle juice.  Take my word for it that cleaning oily noodle residue from your pack is a serious pain in the ass!  The unique design of the splash box means it can hold literally ANYTHING!  Ashley is a soup fiend, and it’s nice to know she can get her soup fix without worrying about spills.

eco-friendly travel products splash box

 It’s Easy to clean

Spend any amount of time backpacking and you quickly learn that “cleaning” often consists of a bathroom sink and some hand soap.  The stainless-steel Splash Box construction is super easy to clean.  They call it “stainless” for a reason.  Food bits and oil rinse off easily; no elbow grease required.  This makes a huge difference when trekking deep in some exotic land or giving it a quick rinse before loading up for a long flight.

It’s compact and lightweight

I already mentioned that we don’t take adding more things to our packs lightly.  A few extra ounces can make a big difference when you’re lugging your pack around all day.  Other zero-waste food containers we’ve used were inconveniently bulky or heavy.  Minimizing our environmental impact is something we take very seriously.  However, it’s frustrating to have to carry a cumbersome storage container to do so.  At 17x12x6 cm and only 7.5oz, the Splash Box is the perfect eco-friendly travel product for backpackers.  It’s lightweight and compact but can comfortably hold a sandwich, hummus, dumpling soup, or whatever else you feel like munching.

eco-friendly travel products splash box

The Splash Box is hands down one of the most convenient and useful eco-friendly travel products we’ve used.  The leak-proof design is genius, and it’s so light we barely feel it in our pack.  We believe that for sustainable practices to be adopted by the mainstream, they need to be convenient to use.  A Splash Box is probably the most convenient way possible to reduce waste on the road.  Becoming a sustainable traveler starts with taking small steps that work for you.  Packing a Splash Box on your next trip is an effortless way to travel more sustainably.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, we highly recommend that you order from Plastic Free Hong Kong.  They ship worldwide with zero-waste packaging!

Happy Travels 🙂 

eco-friendly travel products splash box

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