Island Life: Bohol

Island life: Bohol

Here’s a gallery from our week spent in Bohol.  This island in the central Philippines is absolutely gorgeous.  From pristine beaches to lush countryside; this island has it all.  The eco-friendly activities available on this island are incredible!

bohol countryside

We couldn’t help but stop time after time to take photos of the lush countryside.

bohol countryside

A few minutes after this photo was taken, we were asked if we wanted to buy the farm….Maybe one day!

bohol countryside naps

Roadside naps

chocolate hills bohol

The iconic Chocolate Hills

chocolate hills bohol

The Chocolate Hills were just okay, but the drive there was incredible!

cabagnaw cave pool

Cabagnaw cave pool

cabagnaw cave pool

Free to get in, 50 Pesos to get out!

cave spider in anda

A whole lot of “oh hell no!”

anda sunrise

Sunrise in Anda

bohol photo gallery

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