Secret Gardens of Sambangan

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The Sambangan Secret Gardens

The Secret Gardens of Sambangan are a thrill-seekers dream hidden in the jungle of North Bali.  The Gardens are actually a series of waterfalls and pools that cascade and bubble through the bottom of a ravine lined by lush trees, vines, and flowers.  During the Dutch invasion of the early 1900’s, locals hid in this ravine and successfully evaded the Dutch army.
The first waterfall is the largest; water comes crashing down from a height of 75 meters.  The next three waterfalls are much smaller have pleasant pools for swimming.  Each of these falls has a spot for cliff jumping with the jump getting increasingly higher at each pool.  The first is 5 meters, then 10, then 15 meters.  If you are able to successfully find this hidden wonder, I encourage you to try some of the jumps, and the natural waterslide as well. Even if thrill seeking isn’t your thing, the Gardens of Sambangan are a great place to hang out and cool off in the viridian pools.
Check our gallery to spark some serious wanderlust for the beautiful island of Bali!
aling aling waterfall bali

Aling-Aling Waterfal is truly a sight to behold.

sambangan bali indonesia

Crystal clear pools hidden in the jungle.

kroya waterfalls in bali

As they say in Indonesia, “never try, never know!”

waterfalls in bali indonesia

Jungle paradise

natural waterslide in bali indonesia

A heart-pumping natural waterslide.

cliff jumping bali

The 15 meter jump is not for the faint of heart. 

sambangan secret garden

We could spend hours relaxing in the tranquil pools.

beautiful waterfall in bali indonesia

Truly a hidden wonder!

secret gardens sambangan pinterest

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1 thought on “Secret Gardens of Sambangan”

  1. Aling Aling Waterfall, Whether you want to swim, a jump, or just to view the waterfalls, I highly recommend this. You’ll get a personal guide who is patient and skilled in the art of slow mo videos to take pictures of you. There’s no pressure to do the high jumps ( even though I highly recommend it ) and they’ll provide you with safety equipment. The guys there do the jumps a lot, so know all the good tips. For the price you can’t go wrong! As the sign says “never try, never know”


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