Life in China

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Life in China

Life in China is unlike life anywhere else in the world.  We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a major culture shock moving here.  It took us a while to settle into daily life here.  But after almost two years living and experiencing China, we’ve come to love to quirks, peculiarities, food (yummmmm) and fascinating culture.  The following photos are snapshots of what its like to live in this unique country.
We will be continually updating this gallery as we explore more of China!
spring festival fireworks in fuzhou

Spring Festival fireworks in Fuzhou. 

fuzhou at night

You can find the best street food in Fuzhou here in the early hours of the morning. 

xiamen walking street

Walking to the Bund in Shanghai.

The iconic Bund in Shanghai

beautiful buddhist temple in fuzhou

This beautiful temple was walking distance from our old apartment.

sunset over min river fuzhou

Sunset over the Min River in Fuzhou.

The White Tower.  One of the oldest structures in Fuzhou.

roofs of ancient hakka tulou community home
inside view of prince of tulou longyan fujian

Inside view of Prince of Tulou.  The hakka tulou is a communal home built of mud and clay bricks.   They have been in use in China for thousands of years.  Some can hold hundreds of residents and remain active to this day!

village live in toulou earthen home longyan

A glimpse into what life in China was like hundreds of years ago.

18 streams, a favorite hangout of expats in Fuzhou. 

view of hong kong skyline from victoria peak

Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Peak.

selfie at victoria peak shanghai

Obligatory rooftop selfie 🙂

photo gallery from living in china

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