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Hi!  We’re Sam and Ashley, the couple behind The Green Shoestring.

In 2015 we left our beautiful home of Colorado, USA to pursue a life of exploration and adventure. As digital nomads, we employ multiple strategies to keep our little travel dream alive. In the past three years of travel, we’ve come to see the harmful side effects of tourism on our planet.  We understand that if the beautiful places we visit are to stay that way, the culture of traveling must become more sustainable. We believe that if used correctly, tourism can be a powerful tool for influence and inspiration.

 To spread that message, we take simple measures to ensure we are respectful of the local communities and ecosystems we visit. With an eco-conscious approach to traveling, The Green Shoestring is the materialization of our travel beliefs.  We hope to educate our readers and inspire them to join to the ever-expanding community of sustainable travelers.

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hitchhiking in the philippines

10 Unconventional Money Saving Tips

Everything I see on the internet about how to save money traveling says pretty much the same thing. This post promises to be different! After months on the road, we’ve compiled our most effective; if unconventional ways to stretch your dollar and travel longer.

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The Couples Guide to The Mae Hong Son Loop

The Mae Hong Son Loop is an incredible, 600km journey through the North Reaches of Thailand. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we did the loop together on a single motorbike, and couldn’t be happier that we did. We think this is the safest and most comfortable way to navigate The Loop. Check out our complete guide to find out why!

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tarsier sanctuary bohol philippines

Bohol’s Epic Ecotourism

Bohol is an eco-warrior’s dream. It has everything from pristine ocean ecosystems, waterfalls, caves, to rolling countryside. The local inhabitants have made a concerted effort to preserve the pristine beauty of their home. Locally managed initiatives include mangrove reforestation, Tarsier habitat conservation, and beach cleanups. Read more on why Bohol is one of the hottest sustainable travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

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tea fields in ban rak thailand

How We Got Here

With a huge increase in travel and tourism over the past ten years, it’s easy to see why so many people dream about quitting their 9-5 jobs in pursuit of a life filled with more adventures, and less office time. We were no different. In 2015 we decided to turn that dream into a reality, here’s how.

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the gili islands indonesia

How The Gilis Are Going Green

The Gili Islands have become some of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia. As their popularity grew so did the stress on the local environments. As the islands started to become overwhelmed with trash, local inhabitants and foreign residents on the islands to make a stand. The three tiny islands have now become a model for how island nations around the world can fight the effects of climate change on a local level.

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beaches of south lombok Best beaches kuta lombok indonesia

Beaches of South Lombok

The Southern coast of Lombok; to the East and West of Kuta, has some of the most amazing beaches in Southeast Asia. Here’s a rundown of the some of the most popular beaches, along with our favorite hidden gems.

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